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Washington Post car chat March 23, 2012


A couple of weeks ago one of you asked

Hi Warren and Lou Ann — Any idea when the new Acura ILX will actually show up in dealers? My mom desperately wants to drive one (try finding any other 4-dr sedan with stick and leather/sunroof for under $30K) and see the real-world pricing. I’ve heard it was coming in the spring, and my flowers seem to think that spring has arrived. . . .

I talked to Acura today and they said the Acura ILX will be at the dealership on May 25. By the way, did you know that the Acura TL, ILX, MDX and RDX are made in America? Some of those vehicles are exported to other countries, helping our trade deficit.

Another person asked

I really like this vehicle, but can’t seem to figure out why the Quattro isn’t offered with a manual tranny. BTW, should I hold my breath for the A4 with the 3.0L supercharged engine? I just don’t want the 2.0L turbo.

Audi gave me the answer;
The FWD A3 TDI was configured that way to boost fuel economy rating. The A4 with a 3.0T supercharged is otherwise known as the S4.

And about that Chevy Sonic eco

Chevy Sonic
Hey, Warren and Lou Ann – Hope all is well with you both. Question(s) – Does Chevy plan to (or do they already) offer an ‘ECO’ trim version of the Sonic, as with the Cruze? Also regarding the Sonic, can one get one of the upper-level trims with a manual? (Please don’t tell me how today’s automatics get just as good mileage, etc–plenty of us just enjoy driving a manual, and are sorry to see it on the decline). Thanks, Tim in B’more

Chevy sent back this answer;

There is currently no Eco version of the Sonic available or planned. The shorter the vehicle, the more difficult it is to achieve aerodynamic improvements.

The Sonic has manual transmissions available on all trim levels. The 1.4L turbo is available with both a manual and automatic transmission starting on the LT (mid-range) trim level.

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