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Sorry about the early stop on the chat last weekend. We all serve at the pleasure of the internet and correct settings. :)

I drove the Golf, GTI, TDI, e-golf, and Golf S with sunroof this week. I also drove the Ford Focus ST, which Volkswagen says is one of its main competitors – that and the Subaru WRX and Honda Civic.

The GTI comes out in June
The TSI comes out in August
The TDI comes out in August
The e-golf comes out in November. There will be a plug-in but the timing has not been announced.
In the first quarter of 2015, the Golf R and SportWagen come out.
There is no confirmation that they are bringing out the GTD in 2017 but there are rumors.
They did confirm the B0-class SUV would be coming to the United States.

There is a launch edition for $17,995 (I believe that does NOT include the $820 destination and handling charge, which for the life of me I can’t understand how they get away with not including that) but check it out – it’s limited and only for 2014.

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