washington post, carchat, VW, Chrysler

washington post, carchat, VW, Chrysler

Good Morning Warren and Friends,

This week I went to Boerne, Texas (think San Antonio) to drive the all new Volkswagen Atlas. Even though it has a Greek name (the third time VW has used a Greek mythology name), it is not a myth any longer.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas five models, prices, and specs:

2018 Volkswagen Atlas S
$30,500 – 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque 2.0L I4 TSI

2018 Volkswagen Atlas S
$31,900 – 276 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque 3.6L V6 FWD
$33,700 – V6 AWD

2018 Volkswagen Atlas S Launch
V6 – adding a panoramic roof, 8-inch touchscreen instead of the standard 6.5-inch and XM/Sirius –
$33,500 in FWD – 18 city/25 highway/20 combined mpg
$35,300 in AWD – 17 city/23 highway/19 combined mpg

2018 Volkswagen Atlas SE
$33,590 in 2.0L I4 TSI FWD
$34,900 with the V6 FWD
$36,790 with the V6 AWD

2018 Volkswagen Atlas SE Technology
$35,690 in 2.0L I4 TSI FWD
$37,090 FWD
$38,890 AWD

2018 Volkswagen Atlas SEL
$39,160 n 2.0L I4 TSI FWD
$40,890 with the V6 FWD
$42,690 with the V6 AWD

2018 Volkswagen Atlas SEL Premium
includes Fender audio system 480W output and 12 speakers
$48,490 with the V6 AWD

If you happen to end up in Fredericksburg, Texas stop by the Vaudeville store and restaurant. Chic and delicious!

I also drove my beloved Chrysler Pacifica minivan plug-in hybrid this week at home. Benjamin, the owner of the gluten-free bakery, New Dawn, stopped me on the street. He ordered the exact minivan I was driving and was told it was on backorder. He wanted to know if they were starting to ship them yet. They already own a Nissan Leaf but need a bigger vehicle for bigger orders and their growing family. So quintessential California 🙂

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To read the rest of the Washington post carchat click on the picture below:

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