Wayne, MI – The Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) looks like many other assembly lines with compact sedans ready to come off the line. My how things have changed for that Michigan plant.

It wasn’t long ago that MAP was producing large Ford SUVs. $550 million later and 1.2 million square feet (think 22 football fields) and MAP will become Ford’s most flexible high-volume facility in Ford’s global operation.

Ford, Detroit Edison and Xtreme Power  are teaming up to establish one of Michigans largest solar-powered generation systems and electric vehicle charging stations. A new 500-kilowatt solar panel system will be installed outside to help generate renewable energy for production of Fords all-new Focus and Focus Electric cars. Ten new electric vehicle charging stations will be installed and used to recharge the electric trucks that transport parts between adjacent facilities.

Why all this work? For the future.

Ford Motor Companys retooled Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., will build three production versions of electrified vehicles “ battery electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles

The same plant will build the all-new global Ford Focus, in four-door and five-door versions, with sales to begin early next year. The Focus Electric battery electric vehicle goes into production late next year followed by a new hybrid and plug-in hybrid in late 2012.

“We are leveraging our people, processes and products to consistently build cars that will surpass the competition,” said Tetreault. “This plant embodies everything we as a company strive to become “ modern, efficient, flexible, global and sustainable.”