TodayApril 15, 2022

Where does Hydrogen come from Mommy?

Oil and butter

I remember as a kid going to a farm and milking a cow. The farmer took us to a cylindrical vat and put the milk in the silver jug. He then showed us how the juice from the milk’s udder sits and becomes cream and butter.

Oil has the same settling effect but needs heat and hydrogen to help it. When oil comes out of the ground, it’s a sludge that looks a bit like molasses. When you heat it up it separates like cream and butter, the thin sweet syrup going to the top.

The oil needs to be cracked; think of a gigantic pressure cooker with a line that goes into the cooker. The line is full of hydrogen. It’s a process called cracking, and it turns all that sludge into gasoline.

America imports a lot of oil, and we create a lot of hydrogen so that we can refine that petroleum into gasoline for the cars we drive. Remember this for later – import Oil, refine with domestic made hydrogen.

Toyota, Honda has fuel cell vehicles that get great mileage per kilogram and will end up cost you less than $100 a month to own.

Honda Clarity fuel cell

Honda Clarity fuel cell

According to Jim Burrell, Assistant Vice President Environment American Honda, there are four hydrogen companies that create hydrogen; Shell, Air Product, Air Liquide, and First Element. Most of this hydrogen is produced in three states, California, Louisiana, and Texas. Most of the hydrogen is produced from Natural Gas.

About 9 million metric tons of hydrogen are produced in the United States annually. Honda helped me figure out that the Clarity will use 200 kilograms per year per car. That would equal 45,000,000 cars that could be fueled for an entire year, driving 12,000 miles a year.

Honda just brought out the Clarity in Southern California, home of many million metric tons of hydrogen. It takes 5.4kg of hydrogen to fill the HondaClarity at $16.47/kg. Each kilogram is the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. Honda gives owners $15,000 worth of fuel as part of the $369/month lease, with a $5,000 California rebate.

It takes about 5 min to fill the Honda Clarity fuel cell tank. Bulmer told us that the hydrogen price is about to drop to $9.99/kg, which would be equivalent to $55 to fill the Clarity for 366 miles. At the same time, Tesla has stopped giving energy for free, Honda is giving owners $15,000 worth of fuel as part of the $369/month lease.

Instead of importing as much oil as we do, refining it, with hydrogen into gasoline, why not create some fuel cell vehicles that use American-made hydrogen? Are we really that afraid to be self-sufficient?

It will be the next generation of babies that will see the full effect of the Hydrogen Highway on the California highways. In the next couple of years, Burrell said that hydrogen stations will start popping up on highways from New York to Washington DC.

Teach your children well.

Honda gives owners $15,000 worth of fuel as part of the $369/month lease

Honda gives owners $15,000 worth of fuel as part of the $369/month lease

Lou Ann Hammond

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