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Hello Warren and friends

Warren, So glad to hear Binta is better. Thanks, Cornell Presbyterian hospital for taking care of Warren’s daughter.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had a few minutes to go back and clear up a couple of questions.

Mr. Brown. Thanks for your Q&A. Have you seen or heard anything about the Hyundai CURB? It was showcased almost two years ago at Detroit as a concept Urban small SUV. Thanks.

It took 3 years for the Veloster to go from concept to production, so I would keep an eye out for the Curb to come out. According to Hyundai, this is a Hyundai concept and will not be seen in a Kia form.

Excess undercoating?
Hi! Have you ever seen excess undercoating on the bottom of a car? Yesterday my husband pulled off a small loose piece of something rubbery from the bottom of our 2013 Honda Accord (near where one would position a jack to change a tire on the driver’s side in the front). Our best guess is that it’s a bit of excess undercoating but we aren’t sure. Thanks!

I asked Honda PR and this is their answer:

Lou Ann,
All of our cars, including the 2013 Accord do receive a light undercoating at the factory, primarily to absorb sound. It does feel a bit rubbery, and at the jack point, which sticks up at the edge of the coated area, some excess can be seen at times, because of the raised shape. A bit of undercoating coming off will not cause any problem with the car since all of our cars receive special metal treatments before they’re painted to help them resist corrosion, and the undercoating’s primary purpose is to quiet the cabin.

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